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Are you 'Unmeetable'?

If you’re not using the right tech in your Microsoft Teams chats, Zoom catch-ups, or Google Meet get-togethers, then you’re probably an unwitting ‘Unmeetable’- a.k.a an accidental meeting disrupter whose background noise is causing chaos in online meetings.

But don’t worry! At SENSUS, we’ve got the ideal Jabra headsets with mics and wireless noise-cancelling earbuds to turn you from Unmeetable to Unbeatable.

What's the matter with meetings?

Billion Hours
Every week we spend 5 BILLION hours in online meetings. So, imagine how much time (and money) we could all save if things weren’t delayed by someone failing to connect their earbuds or the constant chatter of a nearby colleague.
0 %
Of People
Sorry, what? 50% of people using laptop audio for online meetings end up having to repeat themselves
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Of People
Bothersome backgrounds. 33% of people who use non-professional audio for online meetings report complaints about their background noise

With the wrong tech, people become...

Jabra Headsets

Professional calls from your spare bedroom. Motivational playlists before a big pitch. Meditative sounds when it’s time to focus. Hybrid work days have a lot going on, so it’s important your headset can keep up.  Jabra headsets can help you power through your day. – With so many choices, let SENSUS help you make the right choice for everyone on your team.

Featured Headsets:

Jabra Evolve2 50  | Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex  | Jabra Engage 55 

Jabra Speakerphones

Jabra is the world’s leading professional audio brand and #1 professional speakerphone brand.  That’s why over 80% of Global Fortune 500 companies rely on them for outstanding professional sound. Isn’t it time you joined them?  Let SENSUS help you make the professional choice, with the professional makeover you deserve.

Featured Speakerphone:

Jabra Speak2 75

Top 3 reasons to upgrade to professional audio with Jabra