SENSUS 2019 Survey Results are In!

sensus survey results are in

In order to better understand the technology needs of the evolving Canadian market, each year, SENSUS conducts a survey asking Canadian workers about their use of technology in the workplace. In 2019, 161 respondents chose to participate in giving us their feedback regarding two areas of workplace communication technologies which are telephony devices (office headsets) and conferencing solutions.

First off, we’d like to thank all the participants for their feedback. We, at SENSUS, believe adapting to an ever-changing market of workers is vital to making them Love their Conversations. Only by listening to consumers can we ensure to efficiently work to partner with our manufacturers to provide the best-suited telecommunication solutions for Canadian organizations. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality telecommunication technology so that you can Love your Conversations.

Let’s take a look at just some of our findings from this year’s survey through the infographic below:

SENSUS Annual Survey Infographic

Can you believe almost a third of companies which offer video conferencing spaces don’t make use of them because their employees don’t know how? That’s what we call a waste of resources. SENSUS provides employee training and support options for all of our AV installation projects to give you all the tools you need to maximize your investment.

Now think about this: 70% of Canadian professionals uses video chat during personal time. This means people are used to having meaningful conversations via video. Yet many companies don’t offer video option in their conference rooms. Let’s give your meetings a more personal feel and take your conferencing capabilities to the next level. SENSUS offers video conferencing packages starting as low as $3,999!

Lastly, we know looking at a headset catalog nowadays can be very daunting, which is why it’s understandable almost a third of business professionals don’t feel comfortable with selecting the best headset for them. This is why our SENSUS experts are here to help to quickly find what you need. Sure the new and shiny devices might offer breakthrough features, but it may not be what you need. Let’s make the headset purchasing process easier and start a conversation about finding the best headset for you today.

Visit SENSUS now or give us a call at 1.888.827.7200 to get a conversation started.

Let’s work together to make your meetings more productive, your conversations more meaningful, and your teams better connected today.

Data gathered from a group of 161 business professional respondents from January to April 2019

Choosing the Best Headset for Call Centres

Call Centres are a prime example of how using appropriate technology can enhance quality of service, and choosing the right headset is at the epicenter of this equation. A poorly selected headset can make for an uncomfortable work environment which can negatively impact the way call centre employees work. Think of it like using a rough metal chair you’d have to sit on for 8 hours per day, five days a week: at some point, getting out of that chair is all you’ll be thinking about.

Feedback from call centre employees and their department heads have all lead to the same conclusion: the decision of choosing a headset for a call centre should be carefully made. Cutting corners during this decision will impact everyone in the long run. It may lead to higher turnover rate, lower employee morale, and negative company reputation within the industry.

You should consider three criteria when it comes to selecting headsets for call centres: comfort, noise cancellation, and reliability. Let’s dive into each of these factors and provide options for you to choose from, in order to help you select the best headset for your organization.


When it comes to comfort, one must think about the weight of the headset first and foremost. Most headsets designed for heavy use are manufactured with light materials so that the weight of the headset is barely noticeable when worn on your head. Jabra, Plantronics, and JPL all offer lightweight call centre-focused devices.

Looking at ear cushions, some headsets are built with velour material or leather. Which one is best for call centres? It depends on your needs. Velour cushions have the reputation of being a bit more comfortable but less durable in the long run while leather cushions are known for being slightly more durable while a little warmer on the ears when worn for long periods of time. Leather cushions also may provide more sound proofing, so you may want to think about how open and soundproof your work space really is.

Noise Cancellation

Speaking of sound proofing: making sure your clients can hear call centre employees correctly should be of utmost importance. A few environmental elements such as cubicle placement and materials of which the work space is made are important, but sometimes those may be out of your control. Making up for a noisy environment by using headsets who have noise cancelling features is therefore recommended. Two parts of the headsets affect noise cancellation: the ear piece, which can contain active noise cancelling (ANC) features, and the microphone which can actively focus on voice recognition. Adding active noise cancelling features to the headsets you’re choosing will depends on your environment situation and budget restrictions.


Speaking of budget, your overall investment in headsets for your call centre can be greatly impacted by the durability of the headset you’re choosing. When thinking about reliability, picture not just the quality of material used and how they can withstand time, but also how adaptable your headsets can be based on your internal processes and turnover ratio. For example, a headset with easy-to-replace ear cushions will increase the longevity of that headset. If your department has a high turnover rate, consider modular headsets which can be transferred from one employee to the next without having to change the entire device.

Comfort, noise cancellation, and reliability should all be considered when choosing the best headset for call centres. It’s easy to get lost in a catalogue of devices so we do recommend for you to start a conversation with an expert to make that choice easier, but at the end of the day you need to decide what component takes the priority based on your specific needs.

SENSUS has created a curated list of best suited headset options for call centres.
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