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Pursuing Excellence: SENSUS’ Latest Updates on Our Commitment to an Exceptional Customer Experience


Pursuing Excellence: SENSUS’ Latest Updates on Our Commitment to an Exceptional Customer Experience

SENSUS has consistently delivered an exceptional customer experience. Despite the pandemic’s unusual circumstances and the need to adapt to a changing world, we dedicated significant efforts over the past few years to enhance our customers’ experiences even further.

Let’s talk about some of the things we’ve been up to (behind the scenes) over the last few years:


New and Improved E-commerce Platform!

One of the key initiatives we have undertaken is the implementation of a new e-commerce platform. After carefully researching various options, we decided to partner with Shopify, which has proven to be an excellent choice. Their B2B platform has been seamlessly integrated with our backend systems, allowing us to offer a smooth checkout process and efficient order management. We have also been impressed with Shopify’s industry-leading customer support, which has been invaluable in ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. Shopify has made significant investments in its B2B platform, and we’ve been working closely with their team to roll out these features that significantly improve our customer’s online experience.

We are now slowly onboarding customers that would like to be on the new platform so that they can take advantage of the smoother and simpler ordering process of headsets and peripherals. Customers can access their special pricing, manage purchases, and arrange shipping to their employees across the country.


New Customer Relationship Management System & ERP

In addition to the e-commerce platform, we’re just about finished implementing our new CRM and an ERP system upgrade. These systems allow us to better manage our relationships with our customers, providing a more seamless experience for them while streamlining our internal processes. By integrating our CRM with our newly upgraded ERP system, we have been able to improve our inventory management, ordering, and accounting processes, which will help our teams significantly.


New RMA / Ticketing System

To further enhance the customer experience, we are also launching a new customer service ticketing system, online chat, and RMA process. This will enable us to respond more quickly and efficiently to any queries or issues that our customers may have, ensuring that they receive the support they need in a timely manner. This new system is just one example of how we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and support.


Continued Investment in Professional Services / AV Integration Team

Our commitment to providing the best possible service extends beyond our customer-facing initiatives. We have also invested heavily in our Professional Services and AV Integration team, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and can offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We have hired some of the best talent in the industry! This investment has already begun to pay off, with several new big projects, and new logos on board while we continue to align our Sales and Professional Services Team to offer our customer’s the best experience.

We are always excited to share our latest projects with our customers and partners.


Enhancing and Expanding Our Offering

To stay on top of the latest trends and customer demands, we have also established new relationships with amazing technology partners. This allows us to offer the latest products and services to our customers, ensuring that they always have access to the best possible solutions. Some examples of new partners we have brought on board are Yealink, JPL, EPOS, Crestron, SonicCloud, The Quite Room, and more! Our Oakville warehouse team is doing a great job allocating shelf space to house these brands!


Our Powerhouse Administration Team

At SENSUS, we recognize the importance of having a strong and efficient administrative team in place to support our business operations. To this end, we have continued to make investments, additions, and technology upgrades to fuel our admin team, ensuring that we have an amazing team and processes in place to support our growth and expansion. Warehouse, Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Care, Project Management, you name it – we have one of the best Administration teams in the industry and we wouldn’t be where we are without them holding down the fort and keeping things running like the smooth machine it is!


New West Coast Digs!

Another major initiative that we have undertaken to enhance our customer experience and promote a positive workplace culture is the purchase of a brand-new office in Surrey BC. We wanted to ensure that we had a physical space where our West Coast team could come together.

The new office is a state-of-the-art facility, designed with the needs of our team in mind. We have created a comfortable and welcoming environment that is conducive to productivity and creativity. And, of course, we have made sure to stock the beer fridge and get the BBQ ready so that our team can enjoy some downtime and socialize outside of work hours.

We believe that our new office in Surrey BC will be a major asset for our team and our customers. By bringing our West Coast team together, we are promoting a positive workplace culture and creating opportunities for collaboration and innovation. This is just one example of our ongoing commitment to investing in our people and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

We can’t wait to give you a tour!


Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity

Finally, we are proud to have partnered with SonicCloud to help create more inclusive workplaces for those with hearing loss. This partnership is an important part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and we look forward to working with SonicCloud to further this goal. It is truly rewarding to hear about the amazing stories of employees with hearing loss who feel empowered and confident in the workplace.


The Future is Bright

These investments and initiatives demonstrate our commitment to providing the best possible customer experience and will position us for continued growth. We are excited to see where the future takes us and we’re confident that our focus on our customer experience will continue to be a major driver of our success.