What is noise cancelling and why do you need it?

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As the modernization of office space allowed for our work areas to become more and more open, privacy and quiet space have become a luxury few can afford. In trying to re-create a sense of personal space where conversations can live uninterrupted, headset manufacturers such as Jabra, Plantronics and Logitech have invested time, money, and effort into engineering noise cancelling products for enterprise use. However, not all noise cancelling headsets are created equal which is why it’s important to understand what noise cancelling really means, and how you can benefit from it.


Active vs Passive Noise Cancellation :


Passive noise cancelling office headsets are ergonomically designed to block out ambient noise around, through tighter fitting ear cushions made of soundproof material such as foam and leather. Blocking outside noise while keeping a comfortable fit is a tough challenge: the tighter the headset, the less noise, but also the less comfortable.


Active noise cancelling work headsets use the same ergonomics principles but add in a technological component to actively counteract ambient sound coming in. These headsets use sound frequencies of opposite value to cancel out the sound waves coming from the noise around you. Think of it as two people pushing on each side of the same door: the forces cancel each other out, and the door won’t move.


Most active noise cancelling office headphones have a toggle which allows you to turn on or off the active cancelling feature for when you absolutely need it. You may turn it on when you’re taking a call, when your nearby coworkers are being loud, or if you just want to focus harder on your work for a bit.


Buying Noise Cancelling Headsets:


Now that you better understand the difference between active and passive noise cancellation, make sure to always look for the terms “active” or “passive” when buying noise cancelling professional headsets: it will allow you to narrow your search and save you time for an easier purchasing decision.


If you work in an open space, or around noisy meeting rooms or co-workers, then active noise cancelling headphones are a must-have for you. 

If you still need to be somewhat aware of your surroundings but want to maintain a bit of privacy, then passive noise cancelling headphones will be  a good fit for your working environment.


SENSUS offers a variety of both active and passive noise cancelling headsets from leading manufacturers in the industry such as Jabra and Plantronics. Here are just some of our most popular ones:


Passive Noise Cancelling Headsets:











Active Noise Cancelling Headset:





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