Project highlight:


New, state of the art headquarters in Burlington ON


McKeil Marine is one of Canada’s leading marine service providers. They are trusted to provide innovative reliable marine solutions to their customers. Their large fleet of ships, tugs, and barges complete projects in several industries where time and coordination are of the essence.

When McKeil Marine firmed up their new office location, they approached SENSUS to provide an intuitive Audio/Visual solution throughout their new beautiful state of the art Burlington Ontario headquarters.

From the moment you walk off the elevator, you are immediately sailing on one of their state of the art vessels, only you’re not actually on a ship; you are on the 4th floor of a beautiful office tower.

All of our headsets are certified to work with all leading Unified Communication (UC) platforms and telephony systems. Our team of experts know exactly what you’ll need based on your unique business environment and day to day job function.

Call Center Agents, Executives, Sales Professionals, Reception, Logistics, and Office Workers all have unique requirements when it comes to choosing the right wireless or corded headset.  With our expertise, we will equip your organization with the right solution so your organization will be heard.


  • Several flat panel monitors and mounts to display McKeil’s content throughout the office.
  • 6 Barco ClickShare systems to make it easy for crew to jump into a boardroom or training room and wirelessly collaborate or show content on the big screens
  • Polycom Touch Control Panels and HDX® ceiling microphones to make calls without the need to run a single cable across a table.
  • Polycom SoundStructure®: to create a truly immersive lifelike audio experience in the main boardroom neatly tucked away in a custom-made cabinet housed under the boardroom table.
  • JBL ceiling speakers to hear clearly: calls, presentations, and even TV for when the big game is on and the crew needs a little time to unwind.
  • 6 button room controller in the training room and boardroom to activate and control every piece of technology in the room with a quick push of a button. (Think of it as a very simple universal remote with only 6 buttons to do what you want it to do!) 
“Our new office was designed around our people. It was important to ensure everyone feels like they are at home when they step onto our ship. We wanted a consistent and easy user experience for our crew. They should be able to walk into a boardroom and know how to share content, make a conference call, or collaborate with colleagues without the need to engage IT.”
Rod Ali
Rod Ali
Business Applications Manager


  • We have never worked with McKeil Marine in the past, so it was very exciting to partner up with such an awesome company.
  • The project started out as a flat blueprint of the office layout. We had the opportunity to future-proof their office with new technology that created a total immersive user experience.
  • The quick timeline to get everything integrated, working properly and tested before the doors opened to their employees. SENSUS managed to deliver everything on-time, on-budget and went above and beyond for McKeil by ensuring the technology that was not supplied by SENSUS worked smoothly as well.
  • McKeil’s office is one of most beautiful offices we have had the pleasure to work on. We are thrilled that their new office showcases some of SENSUS’ amazing products and AV Integration work.
  • McKeil’s plan for future IT projects.