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Lifesize Icon 700

Imagine a solution that enables an experience so immersive that conversations flow naturally and ideas are flawlessly conveyed. The combination of Lifesize Icon 700 and the Lifesize service delivers an unprecedented communication and collaboration experience that makes it easy to connect. Whether you’re having a quick conversation or conducting a high-profile meeting, you’ll feel like you’re there. Extend your meetings beyond the room like never before with lifelike image quality, ultra high definition content sharing, superior sound and a breathtakingly powerful zoom. Realize just how effective and engaging video communication should be.

• Combines the highest performance video systems and modern cloud service to provide communication for the modern workplace that is exponentially better than good enough
• Designed to make the experience effortless from day one
• Provides seamless integration with Lifesize service

Lifesize Service

Primed for performance and efficiency, Lifesize’s modern microservices architecture leverages best practices and leading-edge technology, paving the way for a fully connected experience in the contemporary corporate environment.
• Industry-leading call quality and content sharing
• Highest service availability and reliability
• Improved resilience and performance on low-bandwidth networks

Raise your expectations for workplace communication

It starts with uncompromising quality. In a world where just good enough has become acceptable, Lifesize set out to engineer the absolute best video conferencing experience possible — the definitive solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communications. Only Lifesize designs, builds and supports the conference room hardware, software and service that ties it all together to deliver an unmatched communication experience.

Key Features

  • 4K full motion content sharing
  • Noise reduction and voice pickup
  • Easy touchscreen control
  • Customizable commands
  • 20x zoom increases
  • Integration with the Lifesize cloudbased service
  • Long-managed life cycle and high performance
  • Dual display support

Contact SENSUS today to equip your meeting space
with the new Lifesize Icon 700 and
take your conversations to new levels.

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