Jabra Evolve 75e wireless office professional earbuds

All I want for Christmas … is some damn peace and quiet in our open office!

December 15, 2017 Headsets, News, Product Announcements, Unified Communications 0 Comments

Ah the open office! The sexiest set-up which most start-ups love to flaunt. We’ve got to admit it, open office layouts have many advantages which include fostering greater collaborative opportunities, opening the flow of communication, and shrinking the appearance of highly vertical hierarchies. But while many of these advantages make business operations better, it often times hinders people’s ability to focus on longer and more difficult tasks.

Focusing in open office is difficult. People constantly walk past your area, typically very close to you, your coworkers are chatting in front of you about what they did last weekend, the new hire is getting trained on your left, and someone somewhere is playing their music too loud.

So what do you do? You wear your company-provided headset. After all, these over-the-ear devices should be able to block out some of the noise, and they do! Some even include active noise-cancelling features, and we’re thankful for that. But then, what? Are you just going to sit there with this awkward muffled silence? No, you put on some music. Well… that’s if your computer audio is able to relay the music to your headset. Most often it doesn’t, so you use your personal headphones instead, which let’s face it, are the $25 earbuds that came with your smartphone. But for some reason, the music still sounds a thousand times better on these cheap littles buds than it does on your professional headset.

What was that? Oh! While you were jamming to the latest Taylor Swift track, someone called your VoIP phone but you didn’t hear it because your headset was sitting next to your keyboard. By the time you’re done with the whole switch-a-roo, you’ve missed your client call.

Have you ever gotten up to go get more coffee, only to realize your headphones were still plugged in, resulting in either yanking your ears off or clearing your entire desk? Yep. It hurts, it sucks, it makes you look like an idiot in front of your boss, and yet we still do it twice a day.

Susan, over in accounting, thinks she figured it all out: she doesn’t want to use a headset because it will ruin the hairstyle she never grew out of since 1987. So she awkwardly uses her physical phone whenever needed, squishing her neck onto one side while trying to type with both hands. Way to go, Susan.

Now this is the part of the blog where we tell you that SENSUS now offers a brand new product which solves ALL. OF. THESE. PROBLEMS: that product is the Jabra Evolve 75e.

I can’t focus!
The Jabra Evolve 75e are wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling to shut down all the noise around you.

Music sounds like garbage on my headset!
The Evolve 75e was built to seamlessly switch between stereo and mono acoustics so that your T Swift bangers will always sound FIRE.

My headphones don’t notify me of a call!
The neckband of the Jabra 75e will actually vibrate when receiving a VoIP call.

People keep gesturing to me asking if I’m on a call when my headphones are in!
The Jabra Evolve 75e includes a busylight that will finally let Gary know that “NO, Gary! I am NOT available right now!”

Both my headphones and headset trap me in a wired prison!
Enjoy the freedom of a wireless headset which allows you to go get some more coffee while on a call. Your cubicle walls won’t seem as tall anymore.


Now let’s go over all the features we haven’t even mentioned yet:
• 1st professional headset with an earbud design
• 1st earbud headset to be fully Unified Communication Certified for Skype for Business
• An impressive 12-hour battery life to power through a day of music and calls on a single charge
• Only 2-hour charge time from empty
• 5 microphones! Why? Because they all work together so that only you can be heard, and not the people/noises around you
• Seamless connection to your smartphone and PC softphone
• 2 powerful magnets that connect the headset together when you are not on a call. (wears like a necklace) When you separate the magnets, the call is answered!
• Comes with several ear tip options for a perfect fit

It’s time to show this to your boss and let them know that all you want for Christmas is some damn peace and quiet… with the Jabra Evolve 75e. Thanks Boss! A raise would be nice too…



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