Creating the best meeting room for your needs

Creating the perfect meeting experience isn’t about finding “the perfect meeting room” so much as it is about developing “the best meeting room for your needs”. Every company has unique communication challenges based on office layout, employee workflow, internal processes, company policies, client habits, frequency of communication, and many other variables. One can therefore infer the perfect meeting room can’t be a cookie cutter approach: no one set-up will be perfect for everyone, even if it includes the latest and greatest of everything.

In this guide, we discuss the way you should think about creating the best meeting room for you, by asking fundamental questions. Let’s take a step back and think about most of your employees communicate, whether internally or externally.

Consider Workflow & Productivity

How does your company do business? Let’s take a step back and think about most of your employees communicate, whether internally or externally. How often do you conduct meetings? Is that too little or too much? Think about the real reasons why meetings occur or don’t. It’s perhaps possible to change operations based on structural changes. If your space was more accommodating for meetings by offering adequate spaces for your workers, perhaps they would meet more often and open the flow of communication. On the other hand, having too many meetings is also detrimental to the effectiveness of your business. Perhaps moving some physical meetings to an online platform could save time for everyone.

When thinking about what the best meeting space setup is, it’s important to question why we do what we do. Are we doing this thing because it’s the best way? Or because we’ve accommodated to the office space?

Consider Room Sizes

Do you currently have a large boardroom? How much of it is used on a regular basis? Would it be wise to consider creating two smaller meeting rooms instead? Physical space modularity doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars. Simple solutions can completely transform your meeting space. Today’s workforce is getting used to non-traditional ways to do business. Is there a corner of your corporate office which sits empty? Why not create a small huddle space with a Bluetooth conference speaker and presentation controls by a comfortable and modern couch?

The meeting space of today sometimes doesn’t look like a meeting space at all. Now is the time to look at your corporate office in a new way.

Consider Adequate Equipment

How comfortable are your employees with technology? Are they working on portable devices? Creating the best meeting room for your employees doesn’t always mean getting all the futuristic solutions out there if it’s just going to sit unused for months.

If you were to use video conference, would your employees be against it? What about your clients? It’s important to not only think about technology needs, but also its acceptance within your organization and beyond. Get a feel for how people think about telecommunication and ask some of your teams how they would feel about, for example, using videoconferencing during meetings.

What platform are you using? What are its shortcomings? Would changing the platform altogether be a pain point for your employees? Don’t limit yourself to what is already in place and challenge the status quo. If you’ve been on the same platform for many years, try and take a look at what competitors are doing in the conferencing market.
Do your employees have the need for presenting? What about recording meetings? Here’s another initiative you could share at your company: ask 5-10 employees to make their wish list of what their version of the perfect meeting room would look like. You will find a lot of similarities between respondents, and even some ideas you never thought about!

Developing the best meeting room for your employee’s needs is an easy task… if done correctly. Planning resources and thinking about your business in the realm of conferencing is the most challenging part.Lucky for you SENSUS accredited experts are here to ask the tough questions and can help you create the best conference room for your needs no matter the scope or location.

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