An easy-to-use tool to monitor, manage, and maintain every Plantronics headset across your business

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Online ordering. Web chat. Voice-activated self-service. Customers have become used to the convenience of dealing with companies in ways that no longer require direct contact with a company representative, either in person or on the phone.

So when a customer does make the effort to call a company by phone, it’s very likely because they feel they have an immediate, critical need. They want complete attention and demand complete satisfaction.

Customer service representatives have now become highly skilled brand ambassadors who, on every call, have the responsibility to maintain or enhance a company’s reputation. For many customers, they don’t just represent the company, they are the company.

When every call is critical, it’s essential that the customer service representative be as effective as possible. It means being equipped to hear and be heard clearly, every time, and it starts with having a well-functioning headset.

Every time a customer calls, it’s not only an opportunity for the company to resolve an issue, it’s an opportunity to build a stronger relationship and, at the same time, garner insights on how the customer is thinking, feeling, and behaving.

That’s why the role of customer service representatives has evolved. Their job is not just about answering the phone. It’s about listening, empathizing, and understanding. It’s about completely engaging with the customer to provide valuable advice, support, and guidance.

With so many users, not enough time: is there a better way to manage your organization’s headsets? Introducing Plantronics Manager Pro.

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