New Year, New Resolutions, New Conversations.

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2018 is here, but flying cars have yet to come rock our world. Still, if you take a look at all the great advancements 2017 brought to the telecommunication industry you’d be shocked to hear about all that you’ve missed. While you may feel like you’re stuck in 2008, many companies have enjoyed new cutting edge telecom technology which has made their everyday conversations a whole lot better. Here’s a little guide on the 2018 work resolutions you didn’t know you could make.

In 2018 I will hear my clients better.

If a large part of your work involves talking to people on the phone and you don’t use a headset, please stand up now and smash your keyboard into pieces, because making professional calls without an office headset is like trying to type an email with a broken down keyboard.

Your clients deserve better. YOU deserve better. Regular phones can’t block out the noise around you like a noise-cancelling work headset can. Handheld devices don’t allow you to use both hands while on the call. And how can we forget about the doom of the corded phone?! Knowing wireless professional headsets are readily available (on the SENSUS Store for example … wink), you’re putting yourself in a communication prison while everyone roams free. Professional headsets are becoming more accessible to everyone, and there is a model for each type of worker, whether you’re a mobile worker, remote worker, call centre worker, or working from home.

In 2018 I will make my conference meetings more efficient.

No more time wasted during the first 15 minutes of a client conference call with your team to try and figure out what to plug, unplug, replug, reconnect, etc… Today’s boardroom solutions are easier than ever when implemented by experts like SENSUS. No more being tied down by the platform you’re using: some cloud-based platforms can actually work with any conferencing platform your client may use! See? This is how you live and work in 2018: Improve efficiency during your meetings and let the technology take a back seat to your great conversations.

In 2018 I will collaborate more.

Funny how when telecommunication technology works, conversations blossom. Too often do we become accustomed to technological setbacks which limit the flow of exchange. You’d be surprised at how switching to a new platform or upgrading even one of your daily-used components makes a world of a difference. You can find yourself actually enjoying being on the phone again, and collaborating more, both internally and with clients.

SENSUS wants to make you love 2018 in providing you the tools necessary to make you love your conversations, every day, all year long. From office headsets to meeting room solutions and complete AV integration and installation, we can make 2018 the year of worry-free collaborating.

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